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        Human resources director of LA SINO - CONGOLAISE DES MINES S.A. visited our school

        On January 15th, three people including human resources director Mr. Gustave BILONDA MITONGA, Vice-minister Ms.Yin Xuehua and their entourage of LA SINO - CONGOLAISE DES MINES S.A. in Democratic Republic of the Congo visited our school. Director Xiong Jiaquan and Vice-director Xu Mei of International Office carried on discussion with them. Director Xiong Jiaquan introduced school history, professional settings and other basic situation, especially features and advantages of foreign student’s education of our school, and students’ situation from Democratic Republic of the Congo to director BILONDA MITONGA etc. Director BILONDA MITONGA gave full affirmation to campus environment, school conditions and level of our school and students education management.The two parties made full communication and reached a preliminary cooperation intention on issues such as to establish a long-term cooperation relationship, receive good graduates from Democratic Republic of the Congo in our school as employer and intern of the company, and assist to train staff of company, etc. After the meeting, director BILONDA MITONGA and his entourages had a communication with current 16 Democratic Republic of the Congo’s students staying at campus.
        LA SINO - CONGOLAISE DES MINES S.A. is an international mining company jointly established by both China enterprise group consisting of China railway group and China infrastructure construction and mining corporation of Democratic Republic of the Congo.  Registered address of the company is in Lubumbashi of Democratic Republic of the Congo, registered capital $100 million, total investment 6.7 billion dollars, and it is the largest non-energy mining company in Africa invested by China.

        By  International Office