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        An Introduction to Scientific Research

        NCUT has always attached great importance to scientific research. The university’s Academic Committee and special scientific research administrative departments are responsible for organizing of various scientific research and academic exchange activities. So far we have set up research centers as follows: computer application research center, mechanical and electrical engineering research center, automatic control research center, intelligent transportation research center, Economy Law research center, economy research center, management research center, jurisprudence research center, language and culture research center, institute of architecture and design, etc. Now we have 1 Beijing Municipal Key Laboratory, 1 Beijing Municipal Higher Education Engineering Research Center and 7 Beijing Municipal Key Construction Disciplines.

        In recent years, NCUT has attained remarkable achievements in its research activities; it has undertaken about 40 research projects of the State Natural Sciences Foundations and “863 Projects”; over 200 key research projects at provincial and ministerial levels, and over 1000 joint research projects in cooperation with enterprises, among which over 70 projects have passed the technical appraisal at the provincial or ministerial level, over 50 projects have been awarded provincial or ministerial-level prizes ,and over 70 projects have been given the national patent rights. In addition, it has over 5000 academic papers and 220 monographs or translated works published.